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The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has a long history. Much of its recent history has been on the Internet. The first AllianceNet was built in 1997, in 2005 and, and just last year.

Go now to visit - Not just a facelift; it's all new!

It offers:
  • Fast access to all Alliance web pages
  • Updates of the most recent ministry news
  • Every Alliance event on one page
  • Quick access to the many Alliance broadcasts and podcasts
  • Reports of how the Alliance makes a difference in the Church
  • Exclusive Alliance member only resources and more!

Many additional features include:
  • Easier navigation around AllianceNet and all of the Alliance sites
  • Easier to read fonts and layout
  • Automatic formatting that adjusts for mobile devices 
  • Search function that spans all of the new Alliance pages and more!

Be sure to bookmark and visit often!

Posted April 21, 2015 @ 8:22 AM by Robert Brady
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