A couple of biblical theology resources

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As promised, here is the link to Richard Gaffin's 2015 Kistemaker Academic Lecture Series at RTS Orlando.

Also, Lee Irons has produced a helpful series on Meredith Kline's view of the Mosaic Covenant as a republication of the Covenant of Works. See here for the first post (HT: Patrick Ramsey).

Regarding the latter, it seems to me that much of the republication debate boils down to whether or not the following claim from Irons is true: "The only way to explain the failure and fall of Israel (like the failure and fall of Adam) is to recognize that Israel as a nation was under a covenant of works (like Adam)." Seems like a good thesis for debate...
Posted March 27, 2015 @ 10:59 AM by Scott Swain

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