Ref21 Top Ten Books That Will Never Make A Top Ten Books List

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10. Omnes in Adam, by Aaron Denlinger. Absolutely essential reading if you feel as though you need to know more about Ambrogio Catarino's Doctrine of Covenantal Solidarity and Its Influence on Post-Reformation Reformed Theologians.

9. Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland, edited by Aaron Denlinger. Absolutely essential reading if you want to know more about....well, Reformed orthodoxy in Scotland. Some of the essays are quite good, actually. 

8. Trinity, Revelation, and Reading, by Scott Swain. Absolutely essential reading if you are bored stiff. 

7. Reformed Catholicity by Scott Swain and Michael Allen. Absolutely essential reading if you want to know how to be a nice guy.

6. The God of the Gospel by Scott Swain. Absolutely essential reading if you are really into Scott Swain and Robert Jenson.

5. The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of Our Collective Psychosis by Paul Levy. Absolutely essential reading if you wish to get into the mind of Paul Levy. (Questions have been raised whether this Paul Levy is in fact that real Paul Levy.)

4. From Life's First Cry by Lee Gate-iss. Essential reading for all who would make Johnny Owen a closet baptist. The most affordable "book" on this list.

3. China's Reforming Churches by Bruce Baugus. Essential reading for those who wish to understand, well, China's Reforming Churches. 

2. Uncommon Decency by Richard Mouw. Note: Sean Lucas gave up his #2 spot for Richard Mouw. Now that's an uncommon generosity!

1. Healing the Soul by Mark Jones. Essential reading for those wishing to know more about Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes. I'm deeply humbled to get the #1 spot.
Scott Swain tried to buy his way to the top of the list, but rules are rules, and so he stays outside of the top 5 this year. 

Bruce Baugus could not be reached for comment.

And, finally, Richard Phillips is demanding a recount.  
Posted December 17, 2014 @ 2:22 PM by Mark Jones
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