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Thankfully God deals with our idols, because left to ourselves we certainly would not. Four years ago I had a paid flight to South Africa, tickets to many games, and passes into some of the various television studios (Al Jazeera, FOX, etc.). But my wife was pregnant with twins - her fault, by the way - and due to some minor complications (a huge belly) I had to stay home and get text messages from friends at the games - friends who don't even like soccer that much.

This year I was invited to Brazil to do two conferences during the World Cup. But my cities and dates don't allow for me to take in a game.

But I do have a number of thoughts regarding the World Cup that might be somewhat amusing (and hopefully interesting) to soccer fans out there.

1. Contrary to what television shows, football (i.e., soccer) matches are not attended mainly by beautiful women. 90% are ugly men. 9.5% are average looking women. 0.4% are children. And 0.1% are the women you see on TV.

2. Players and fans sing their country's anthem with much more passion than most men in churches sing hymns and praise songs. I wouldn't mind seeing David Luiz from Brazil sing "Be Thou My Vision." And I can't help but give a shout-out to the Brazilian a cappella rendition of their anthem.  

3. A good start is not meaningless, but we shouldn't get too excited (about the Dutch or Germans...indeed, should we ever?). Note how Italy peaked at the right time when they last won the Cup in Germany. And Spain lost the opening game in South Africa, and look how that turned out. Sort of like people in the church....some start with a bang and end with a whimper; others start rough and end well.

4. Klin is the man. (Though Kobe might be the dissenting American voice...oops, and Landon). 

5. Dutch Reformed Christians people suffer from pride (and the occasional chip on the shoulder), more so than the average Christian. Do you know how unbearable church was for me on Sunday after the Netherlands had won 5-1 against Spain? One friend even put on a fluorescent orange toque after the service. 

6. We don't watch and play soccer on Sundays in our house until after Sundown - it is the Sabbath, after all - but I know which families do watch during the Lord's day because my son decides to tell me the score of a game, against our wishes, because "Billy" told him....I wish I got as angry over my sins as I do over the sins of others. What are the chances I will not find out the score of the final until after the evening service? About the same as the USA winning the Cup.

Pastor Mark Jones is hoping, for his future safety in Brazil next week, that Brazil pick up their game against Mexico right now....

Posted June 17, 2014 @ 3:57 PM by Mark Jones

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