Selling Out!

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If it's not Carl trying to sell Logos products (surely he's on commission), the triumvirate plugging MoS, and Walker mugging off New Calvinism,
Ref 21 is becoming the master of product placement!!
Here's some links from the UK to which I have no personal links nor profit from
Preaching Matters - The DeYoung-ster was in the UK recently and St Helens caught up with him on expository preaching
Leather Bound Heidelberg Catechism - The Banner at their best, just what your pocket needs
Why did Jesus have to die? - Marcus Nodder is the minister of St Peter's barge in Canary Wharf, he's always worth reading and listening to. This little book is a great resource for Easter and is worth buying a shedload of them to give away
Posted March 20, 2014 @ 6:50 PM by Paul Levy

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