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The Emergent project has had a reboot. It's got a new name (the CANA Initiative), a new website, the same weary rhetoric, and the usual suspects (although, if you look carefully, I was a little surprised to find Dracula alongside Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, Brian Ballard, a liberal sprinkling of reverend females - or should that be a sprinkling of liberal female reverends? - and a quite phenomenal collection of facial hair wearers - little overlap between them the SLFRs, you will be pleased to hear). Apparently,
The CANA Initiative seeks to create a healthy ecosystem for connection among existing and emerging individuals, organizations, and networks and will serve as an influential "network of networks."

The CANA Initiative is comprised of Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, Orthodox, and other Christians who believe the future for Christian life and mission will be different in many ways from the past and present.
photo (225x300).jpgWe can, however, applaud them for some little show of taste. Apparently, despite his now well-known attempt to demonstrate his ecumenical credentials, the Pope of Ealing has been repeatedly turned down by the CANA Initiative, who are apparently determined to look elsewhere for their London beachhead.

Despite this, and not knowing what kind of numbers such an effort will attract, it seems that there is indeed a vacuum at the centre of what they define - and I use the word advisedly - as "emergence Christianity space." A quick search of the new website reveals much talk of Christianity and various 'initiatives' but not a single mention of Christ Jesus (excepting that one of the initiators is, by lucky hap, called Jesus) and not a word of the gospel. So we can at least agree with them that this is, indeed, a space without any substance. This is, by very lack of definition, "a form of godliness but denying its power" (2Tim 3.5).

Carl, it seems, need not be too concerned about critical shortages in the circus department. With mourning rather than laughter we say it: here come the clowns.
Posted February 19, 2014 @ 4:26 AM by Jeremy Walker

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