A Letter to Lecrae and Andy Mineo

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Dear Lecrae and Andy,

We have never met, but I thought I would take the time to share some things with you. Your names have been floating around Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube quite a bit lately. As I am sure you know, not all of it is good. Apparently, it comes with the territory. The more one is elevated in the public sphere, the more one is susceptible to criticism. I hope in the midst of such criticisms, the Holy Spirit will sustain both you and your families.

The primary critique that flashes across my Facebook newsfeed is that you have abandoned so-called Christian Hip Hop (CHH). From what I gather, your lyrics and some of your public comments are not saturated enough with the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some suggest, therefore, that you are compromising the essence of CHH. You are ashamed of the gospel. From my perspective, those critiques seem a bit harsh, but I am unaware as to what validates hip hop as Christian. Is it the amount of times you mention Jesus? Must the gospel be presented on every track much like a sermon? Here I reveal my ignorance.

Despite my lack of understanding as to the criteria that qualifies what is and is not Christian hip hop, I am a bit saddened by some of the criticisms I have read about your music. The tone and balance are unbecoming. People seem unnecessarily harsh and cynical. Many of the responses I have read lack grace, love, and gospel-edification. No one is beyond criticism, but when it comes, one must not only present law (i.e., this is what you are doing wrong), but also provide hope for change (i.e., in Christ, he restores and renews). At this point, I have not seen much of that. I would add that the best place for accountability, discipleship, and growth in Christ is the local church, not the public square. From what I understand, you brothers are connected and committed to a particular church. I would like to believe you are receiving the accountability required from your elders, deacons, and parishioners in your local congregation to help you along the way as you continue to produce music.

I hope Christians will be much more careful when offering comments, specifically negative ones, about your music. I, for one, am thankful for the music that I have heard from you. Some of the youth in my church listen to it; they are thankful as well. In God's providence, I can only imagine the doors that have opened for you as a result of your music. You have access to people with whom you can share the gospel and talk about the glories of Christ's Church that I will likely never have the privilege to talk to. I praise God for that! He is presenting different venues for his message to be shared. I only hope that as opportunities present themselves the Spirit of the living God will strengthen you and grant you clarity of speech to share the beautiful truths of the gospel.

I know how hurtful people can be in their criticisms. Pastors are not exempt. However, I pray God will continue to preserve you and your families in the faith. While I know your faces are in the spot light, your families are affected as well when charges are leveled. Whatever happens from this point on in your ministry, I pray the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you and give you peace.


Pastor Leon Brown
Posted February 12, 2014 @ 8:17 PM by Leon Brown

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