(In)dependence and Prayer

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My wife will tell you that I am a fairly independent guy. If I am assigned a task, I normally attempt to accomplish it without requesting help. Of course there are times when I know I need assistance, but if I can do it on my own I will. In the eyes of some, this is a great quality to maintain; however, such independence has caused me to struggle in certain areas (e.g., prayer). (In)dependence and prayer do not go hand-in-hand. 

I know what I need to remedy the situation. It is the gospel. That is a given not to be taken for granted. I must not assume it. I need to hear it. However, I am also required to walk in a manner worthy of the calling of Christ. In other words, there is an indicative and an imperative. In my case, the imperative is to remove the "in" in (in)dependence. Put differently, the old man of self-reliance must go. By the grace of God, I must put on the new man, one who is dependent upon for the Lord for all things, one who expresses that dependence by praying.  

I know I will continue to fail in this area. Perhaps you do, too, but there is hope. Hope has a name. His name is Christ. 

These are just a few jumbled thoughts; maybe it is a confession. Whatever the case I know one thing - I need the Lord.
Posted January 31, 2014 @ 7:26 PM by Leon Brown
TOPICS: grace, prayer

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