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You may have heard Apple-adorers testifying of the usefulness of an application called PrayerMate. Now Google-gogglers can join in the fun, because PrayerMate has been made available for Android.

Some warnings: PrayerMate will not give you a heart for prayer; it will not fight your battles against lukewarmness; it will not overcome the devil on your behalf; it will not keep you praying day after day; it will not destroy a shopping list mentality; it will not, necessarily, turn you to adoration, confession, and thanksgiving.

However, if you wish to pray and are committed to pray, but are looking for a means to help you pray consistently and comprehensively, maintaining a regular pattern of intercession for people and situations and topics (such as the members of the church to which you belong, those who need to be converted, evangelistic endeavours, or desires for godliness) then PrayerMate may be useful tool for you.

At the moment, the Google adaptation is a pretty stripped-down beast compared to the Apple version, but get in early and you can send in feedback to help the developers direct and prioritise the next stages of progress. (I am sure that they would also welcome any contributions to that end, and if I get information on that, I will let you know). Thank you to Andy Geers and other friends for their labours in this regard.

Update: PrayerMate is free in January, thanks to sponsorship from the London City Mission. Get it while the going is good.
Posted January 7, 2014 @ 4:28 AM by Jeremy Walker

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