Christmas Illustrations (3)

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Tim Keller - I have either heard or read Tim Keller give this illustration but haven't been able to source it. I know that can get you into all sorts of difficulties at the moment with this but hey it's Christmas!
The story of the Kitty Genevese murder in Kew Gardens, New York from 1964, where she was attacked in front of witnesses and people looked down from flats above and bystanders even shouted out. The phrase that passed into infamy was used  'I didn't want to get involved'. God is no bystander. He doesn't sit in heaven and look down, shouting. He hears the cry of his people. Christmas is God come to the rescue, it is God getting involved.

Tim Keller is a genius when it comes to illustrations.
Posted December 18, 2013 @ 5:14 AM by Paul Levy

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