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Once in a while I get free books in the mail. I love to promote the ones that are soundly scriptural. Thankfully, I just received two I want to mention. I also would like to publicize a special deal on an old classic.

The first is by my friend Brian Najapfour. Brian is a graduate of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary and the pastor at Dutton United Reformed Church, Caledonia, Michigan. His new book is entitled: Jonathan Edwards: His Doctrine of and Devotion to Prayer. This book has been endorsed by Dr. David P. Murray among others. If it is anything like what Brian has written before, it is sure to be heart-searching and applicable for our lives. Take a look at it here:

The second book came all the way from Scotland, compliments of Christian Focus Publications. CFP has many good books to their credit. Their newest is by Albert N. Martin entitled, You Lift Me Up. It deals with overcoming ministry challenges. The esteemed author served as one of the pastors of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey, for 46 years. This book is a must-have for every minister of the gospel, with many biblical insights for a long, fruitful, and God-glorifying ministry.

Ted Donnelly concurs:

The author brings to this volume a lifetime of Christian ministry, studious preparation and experience in teaching pastors. He brings warnings and solutions to such problems as when men neglect their devotional lives or family responsibilities, wander from a good conscience or from real fellowship with their people. May this book transform and help to sustain many of us.

Available in the UK now, it will be available in the USA in November:

Lastly, consider the classic treatise, The Gospel Ministry of Sanctification by the Puritan Walter Marshall (1628-1680). Concerning this volume, Ligon Duncan said:

If you are Reformed and want to know how to preach a robust biblical doctrine of growth in grace in the Christian life that is gospel-shaped, Spirit-empowered, and Christ-centered and that does not denigrate the third use of the law, then Marshall is your man, and Gospel Mystery is your book.

Through tomorrow, October 16, grab it at a generous discount of 50%:
Posted October 15, 2013 @ 3:33 PM by Rob Ventura

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