A public apology to the Good Book Company

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Following my post yesterday on Sam Allberry's book 'Is God Anti Gay?' - The Good Book Company have been in touch and I was wrong,
I quote from their email 'the A format size was a deliberate choice, but we certainly didn't cut corners on production. It was printed by CPI in Croydon which produces most of the paperbacks sold in this country and the cover has a super matt finish and embossing on the symbol, both of which cost significantly more than a straight forward print.  '
I would like to publicly apologise to the Good Book Company for casting aspersions on their cost cutting and to the Bengali sweat shop owner who's been in touch to deny all contact with the Good Book Company although he has done some business with Tim Thornborough in the past.
Posted July 5, 2013 @ 6:11 AM by Paul Levy

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