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It was suggested that I might wish to draw your attention to an upcoming conference to be held in Louisville in a few weeks time. It's an awesome new conference called Death March 2013, and we will be rocking some of the biggest names and bands . . .

No, hang on, messed that one up a bit.

It is a Reformed Baptist family conference hosted by my good friends at the Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville. It runs from Tuesday 2nd through Friday 5th July at the campus of Southern Seminary, and the preachers will be Dr. Michael Haykin, Pastor George McDearmon, Pastor Jeffery Smith, Pastor Jim Savastio and yours truly.

Although the formal deadline for booking has just passed, I get the sense from the website that a little flexibility is being exercised, so if you are interested, you might still have time to get your name down.
Posted May 14, 2013 @ 3:29 PM by Jeremy Walker
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