High Presbyterians and Prayer Meetings

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In the curious world of Presbyterianism the people who bang on the most about being Reformed, Covenantal and Confessional rarely have prayer meetings in their congregation. I mean by that where the church corporately gathers to call on the name of the LORD. Even the means of grace brigade often seemingly don't have churchwide prayer meetings. I don't get it.

It intrigues me that very often a high view of the word and sacraments, which is right, often accompanies a low view of meeting together to pray and those who speak so much about the danger of individualism in church life and how in everything we must think in corporate terms, rarely pray with their brothers and sisters in church.

Of course I should make the obvious caveat; I'm generalising hugely but then, surely, that is a bloggers prerogative.
Posted April 17, 2013 @ 7:59 AM by Paul Levy

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