"Particular Voices"

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This won't float everyone's boat, especially when I tell you that Particular Voices glories in the strapline, "Interesting bits and pieces of 17th century literature" (I can already hear Levy's disdain as he readies another "last of the Puritans" jibe).

However, this site is a little treasure trove full of nuggets of gold. Our curator posts snippets from various 17th (and some 16th) century theologians, especially from among the Particular Baptists, many of them over the last few weeks dealing with covenant theology. Recently, he has added the blessing of a transcript of each section. Stimulating, correcting, and invigorating, these bits and pieces contain some real gems, showing both the common ground of the Particular Baptists with other Reformed brothers, and also their distinctive voice. You may wish to check it out.
Posted February 12, 2013 @ 6:30 AM by Jeremy Walker

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