Science and St Helen's

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St Helen's Bishopsgate have produced a series of short videos on Science and the Christian named 'Science - A personal view'. Various scientists from their congregation address common questions and misconceptions outsiders have regarding the gospel. This is an excellent resource and just the sort of thing big churches need to be doing. We're constantly told that Science and Christianity contradict each other and these short clips clearly kick that into the long grass.

However, one concerning aspect of these videos is that there is no Australian in them. For those of you who follow St Helen's Preaching Matters will know it is sponsored by the Australian Tourist Board and the Sydney Diocese and so every month there is at least one preacher from there. St Helen's long term love affair with all things Australian will be placed in serious peril by this obvious snub, surely there must be an Aussie scientist we can get on camera?
Posted January 24, 2013 @ 6:06 PM by Paul Levy

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