Never a Bad Sunday on Twitter

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I've been in blogging rehab the last few weeks and so have turned my attention to Twitter, that other marvellous form of modern communication. We set up a church account to give out announcements and so far it's been a rip roaring success with 15 followers most of whom don't go to the church.

Anyway, what amazes me in my brief foray into Twitter-land is that ministers/church planters never have a bad Sunday. It is the most remarkable thing. For a couple of Mondays I've looked at, say, 25 ministers who are Tweeting and most of them without fail had an 'Awesome', 'Amazing', 'Powerful' worship service the day before. Now don't get me wrong, IPC is not a terrible place to be but 'Amazing', 'Awesome', 'Powerful' is probably not how I'd describe the last three weeks. If anything has convinced me of the power of Twitter, this surely has. Your services on Sunday can move from being 'bog standard', 'a bit hard work', 'just a regular Sunday' to 'Epic', 'Fantastic' and 'Outstanding' just by signing your minister up to Twitter.
Posted January 22, 2013 @ 2:50 PM by Paul Levy

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