Colin Buchanan - A True Celebrity

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Colin Buchanan is, to my son and countless other kids like him, the equivalent of what John Piper is to Christian hedonists, Gresham Machen is to the OPC and John Stott is to English public schoolboys. The kid absolutely loves him. I have friends up in Aberdeen who took their son to one of Colin's gigs and every night before they went to bed the little fella prayed for Colin like he was his best friend.

For those of you who don't know him the guy is a genius. He's an Australian children's entertainer who has done CDs, DVDs and books. Kids absolutely love him. I remember being at Keswick one evening a few years ago. I'd arrived late so as to miss either Stuart Townend or the Gettys crooning I can't remember which one but they welcomed onto the stage Colin Buchanan. I thought who is this middle aged Aussie singing odd songs; but that was before I had kids. Little did I know I was in the presence of the George Whitefield of children's singers.

Colin does a tour most years to the UK and CFP have brought out some books of his which we're using for family devotions. They are really fantastic.

As has been mentioned on Ref21 Colin has done a track using Carl as a rapper. Carl is no Eminem but I'm assured he was in the studio for days perfecting it, driving Colin and the gang mad. 'Come on boys we can get it right, one more time, it's three in one and one in three'. Supposedly Colin has said he'll never work with Carl again he was so demanding and diva-esque. He wanted his own dressing room, wandered round the set in a dressing gown and had all these OPC groupies hanging round.
Posted January 24, 2013 @ 7:41 AM by Paul Levy

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