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Today I make a plea to all potential Christian book writers and publishers........ stop putting very annoying 'real life stories' at the start of your chapters, as if that really grounds them in reality. You know what I am talking about. At the start of the chapter is an example of what the chapter will teach. They are normally very politically correct, so Kate will be married to Asif and they have two children. Asif works in a monotonous 9-5 job. Kate works part time in a garage whilst taking care of the children and household chores. These little vignettes started to really annoy me in Tim Keller's Reason for God but since that every Tom, Dick and Harry who writes a Christian book has got hold of the technique. Just bin it! Most of the stories are pretty awful and even the true ones we don't believe anymore.

To make my point let me give you a story. There were a group of guys that didn't really know each other but through the internet and a bizarre set of coincidences found themselves writing for an online magazine. The supposed leader of the group was a guy called Del but nobody sees much of him. He longs for the good old times of the magazine when Phil and Rick (2 other relics of halycon days) used to get wound up by Carl, the celebrity of the gang. Carl is a middle aged, short, balding, marathon runner doing a couple of jobs teaching at a seminary and running a church. He's the big hitter of the group and the muscle behind a lot of the right wing reformed movement you see in the US. The third character, Levy, lots of people don't think exists other than as a figment of Carl's imagination. The only evidence to the contrary is an inability to spell or use grammar correctly. He's the real hero of the band and is trying to raise money for a building project that seems to have been going on forever but hasn't even started yet. The latest addition to the gang is Jeremy Walker. He ministers in the 17th Century and writes hymns from that period. He has never written anything under 10,000 words.

It's annoying isn't it!!!

Cut the stories at the start of chapters, admittedly for most of you ''Counsellors'' out there that turns your books into short articles but so be it.
Posted December 14, 2012 @ 10:47 AM by Paul Levy

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