Preaching Matters

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''St Helen's Bishopsgate an Evangelical Anglican Church in the heart of London have launched an excellent new monthly video series 'Preaching Matters' designed to equip, inspire and encourage all of us who teach God's word. It's out on the first Monday of each month starting Monday 1 October. Find it on their website  or on their vimeo channel.

I think the plan is to have different preachers passing through London taking part and the videos are of very good quality.  This month there is a very close up video of William Taylor who by the looks of it at 51 is using Oil of Ulay, only Alistair Begg looks younger, plus there's some dreamy shots of Charlie Skrine in an empty St Helen's building talking about Celebrity Preachers.
Posted October 1, 2012 @ 5:05 AM by Paul Levy

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