"I wander often from the way"

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8 8 6. D (Tresalem)
I wander often from the way,
And sin afflicts me every day:
Oh, when shall I be pure?
Christ leads me to the path again,
And washes me from every stain,
A cleansing full and sure.

I hear the world's enticing voice,
That tempts me to a godless choice:
How shall I stand the test?
Christ draws my mind to things above,
To that which I should truly love,
And there I see what's best.

Weary and weak and full of pain,
I wonder shall I ever gain
Relief when I'm oppressed?
Christ takes me gently by the hand,
He strengthens me, and makes me stand,
And then I am at rest.

Too often full of bitterness,
Anger, frustration, and distress:
When shall I be at peace?
Christ bids me view his life again,
Where tender love and patience reign,
And there my turmoils cease.

All imperfection, falling short
Of every precept I am taught:
Is there no hope for me?
Christ is my hope: he bears my sins,
My heart makes new, my heaven wins,
And there is certainty.
Jeremy Walker

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Posted October 27, 2012 @ 3:28 PM by Jeremy Walker

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