Worrying news from West London

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Troubling reports are filtering through from the United Kingdom's capital. Apparently, there are concerns about a group of children, approximately seventy in number, suffering from a so far unexplained trauma. Counsellors in West London have been called in by worried parents, but the authorities have struggled to pin down the precise cause. Some of the worst affected children, when invited to reduce their stories to paper, portrayed terrible combats involving wet sponges. Despite this, and vague stories about a mad pastor with a curious accent quizzing the children about the Ten Commandments, investigators have - as yet - produced no solid leads.

Readers of Reformation21 who may have information are invited to contact Inspector Knacker at the usual telephone numbers.

More seriously, pastors who are not great with children should also remember how much their Lord loved them, how familiar he was with their games and habits, and how readily children came to him, and how safe they felt with him. It may not be a natural strength to all, it may not develop readily, but those who wish to minister like their Master should take pains to understand, be approachable to, and care for their young charges. That is a year-round, Sunday by Sunday, week by week investment.
Posted September 3, 2012 @ 11:42 AM by Jeremy Walker

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