Once you've hit gold......

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This is one for high achievers who've won gold and then find there's nowhere to go.

I remember talking with Carl after T4G and him recounting the same........

CRT - '' Levy, I've been on stage with the big four, done a seminar, admittedly it wasn't a keynote  but it's bigger than you'll ever get, I got a photo with big Lig and kicked a ball around with Platty but after it I went back  to my room, sat on the end of my bed, looked at the vast array of complimentary books you get given but I just felt empty inside, I even ended up hanging round with the Pyromaniac guys which was a big mistake'

Levy - ''Come on little fella, you'll bounce back, you did Ligonier and they seemed to like it, didn't you once do a seminar in a very small room at the PCRT?''

CRT - ''You wouldn't get it Levy, you and the librarian, you're content with the small time but once you hit the national conferences you can never be satisfied with the local general stuff, there's nothing like it, I wish that feeling when you're up there could last forever''

Levy -  ''Do you think you'll get asked again?''

CRT -  ''just not sure, got to start cranking out the blogs again, maybe take a church, get some more of those mean moody photo shots done, a seminar is ok and a seat on the panel but it's got to be a keynote next time''

Levy ''What about the gospel coalition?''

CRT - ''That ship sailed long ago''
Posted September 7, 2012 @ 5:46 PM by Paul Levy

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