Givens Strickler is wrong

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For those of us adults battling to learn the Shorter Catechism there is good news.
Givens Strickler writing in 1897 was wrong, and he's wrong because of Bruce Benedict
'Unless they are learned in childhood and youth, the strong probability is that they will never be learned at all. Not one in five hundred of our people, perhaps, learns them later in life. They must be learned, then, early in life, or never.' Givens Strickler 1897(cited in to Glorify and Enjoy God, Banner of Truth, 1994)

There is good news. Givens Strickler is wrong and he's wrong because of Bruce Benedict.
Bruce will hopefully be touring with the Shorter Catechism Band in winter 2013.
Posted June 26, 2012 @ 9:49 AM by Paul Levy

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