The best funeral sermon my mate's ever heard

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A friend of mine last year attended the John Stott memorial service in Melbourne. He said to me it was the best funeral/ memorial sermon he'd ever heard. I printed it out but never got round to reading it until yesterday. It' was preached by Peter Adam on Galatians 6:11-18. This sermon should be read by every preacher regardless of what you think of John Stott. Let me give you a quote and his concluding applications

'Those who idolise celebrities despair when they die: those who glory in the cross have hope for eternity'

.........''Let me end with an appeal, to all in this Cathedral, lay people and ministers like:

  • If you have never thanked God for the death of Christ in your place, if you have never thanked God for forgiving and accepting you through Christ's death, if you have never boasted in God's grace and your weakness, if you have never gloried in the cross Christ, and never set aside other boasting, then please do so now. Boast in Christ's cross.
  • If you have gloried in the atoning death of Christ, boasted in the cross of Christ in the past, but neglected to do so more recently in your own life, or in your ministry, then please repent now, ask for God's forgiveness and change your practice. Boast in Christ's cross.
  • If you have gloried in anything other than the cross of Christ, in your achievements, your success, your promotion, your recognition, your popularity, your gifts, your experiences, then please repent now, ask God for forgiveness, and change your practice. Boast in Christ's cross.
  • If you have gloried in Christ but not in his cross, not in his atoning death as our substitute and our Saviour, then please repent now, adore your Saviour, and boast and glory in his cross.

I appeal to you now, that you would, like Paul, bear the marks of the cross of Christ in yourself, boast in Christ's cross, and let that Lord Jesus Christ and that cross shape and form your life and ministry. ''

Posted May 27, 2012 @ 9:22 AM by Paul Levy
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