Carl Trueman is the new Ian Paisley

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It is saddening for me to see Carl going the way of the great Ian Paisley. He who was always on the outside, raging against the status quo, who refused to be controlled, when he's offered a seat at the table changes his persona and ingratiates himself with the establishment.

The signs have been there of Carl's demise for a long while, New Word Alive was the thin edge of the wedge and now we've gone the whole hog with T4G. The poacher has turned game keeper.

Lesser men would have fallen long ago but the story is not over, once he's tired of the endless writing of book blurbs and them writing book blurbs for him, he speaking at their conferences and they at his, starting his own ministry and making himself president of it, he may return to the man we know and love.

Our great hopes lie with the librarian at Westminster who still carries some weight with Carl and has always been the unseen brains behind the outfit and of course Mrs Trueman, allegedly Carl is saying ''we can write a marriage book together'' and ''why don't you start speaking at conferences as well'' but Mrs T is resolutely holding fast.
Pray for Carl,  it's reminiscent of when Noel Gallagher of Oasis went to meet Tony Blair, a whole generation of Oasis fans felt betrayed.
Posted April 19, 2012 @ 4:33 PM by Paul Levy

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