A thought on the homosexual marriage debate

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As Christians in the UK and elsewhere engage in discussion among themselves and with civil authorities about the nature of marriage, it seems that many are concerned that such battles are indicative or even productive of a coming judgement.

It would be worth our while to consider, on the basis of Romans 1.18-32, that such behaviour seems to be a manifestation of present judgement at least as much as, if not necessarily more than, a cause of future judgement. That does not mean that we should not address the issues, but it might fine-tune our perspective on them, and nuance our response to them. It reveals a problem far deeper and wider than the immediate one, and ought to make the church consider her attitudes and actions, and perhaps her shortcomings and failures, over many years. This is not the root of the problem, but a fruit of it.
Posted March 23, 2012 @ 8:36 AM by Jeremy Walker

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