The Searcher of Hearts

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Charles Simeon says: "In forming our estimate of men, we are apt to look at their actions only; and even our own characters, also, we try by that standard. But it is the habit of the mind that chiefly marks the man; and by that we shall be estimated at the tribunal of our God. Doubtless actions are important, as indicative of principles from whence they flow; and by them, we, who can only see the external fruits, are constrained to judge of the quality of the root from whence they proceed. But the heart-searching God looks at the root itself; and approves or disapproves of men according to the real quality and habit of their minds." (from Sermon DCCXVII, Trust in the Lord, on Psalm 125)
Posted February 11, 2012 @ 11:35 AM by Ligon Duncan
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