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I would like to think that Pastor Fashion is a spoof. In fact, I am somewhat desperate for it to be a spoof. It troubles me that, despite its magnificent lameness, there is too much non-spoofery that is so close to it. However, just in case it is not a spoof, like frantic Christians everywhere, I am sure that Reformation21 and its readers want to be just (and tragically) behind the curve that the world is tracing.

So, for those who might imagine that Paul Levy is taking a break, let me assure you that Ref21's very own fashion guru has taken a few days out of his hectic London schedule to be in Milan at this very moment, assessing styles and sourcing fabrics for our summer lines.

In the meantime, the Derek Thomas monogrammed his'n'hers velour tracksuits are available in all sizes; Carl Trueman's Academe line of mohair cardigans are ready to ship in a variety of pastel shades; and, before too long, we will launch an all-new line of Ref21-branded Chuck Norris Action Slacks for the Independent pastor-about-town.

Reformation21 . . . we're never too far behind.
Posted February 17, 2012 @ 9:53 AM by Jeremy Walker

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