Guest Post 2 - A big announcement and Max catches the bus

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I'm delighted that Paul has given me this opportunity to tell you about something new that I think our movement is becoming, in lots of ways it's not our movement it's getting in line with the Missio Dei. The movement is His.

Well, here's the big news today aswell as informing you how to missionally catch the Bus, we're launching our new network Max 29. We want to equip, train, deploy, attract, vibrant, masculine, good looking, radical Men (aargh!) to church plant in our network. It'll go global, we plan to take over the world just don't call it a denomination. We want men to talk about being men and be manly. We hate sissies.

Now my next missional tip - Max catches the bus

1. Don't get into the car, you gotta meet people loser, too many Christians don't speak to or don't have any meaningful relationships with unbelievers, got to talk to them

2. Go to the bus stop, don't take a coat, someone might be brave enough to let you stand under their umbrella if it's chucking it down, you can then intentionally engage them in day to day conversation

3. When you get on the bus, make sure you don't have enough change to pay, so the people behind you have to lend you money, it's so cool it's kind of mercy ministry in reverse, you're letting them bring in the kingdom, plus again they've got to talk to you.

4. Sit in the same seat next to same person every day, (put rhythms into your life, if someone's in your seat you ask them to move, people got to get to know you) have headphones hanging down playing loud music, someone might ask you to turn it down and hey presto you've got a chance to intentionally build a relationship with them.

5. Do this day in day out, who cares if it's different people on the bus each day, who cares if public transport makes you late for every meeting you go to. Living missionally ain't easy but it's the only way to connect and engage.

Next week - Max goes to the bank

Posted February 27, 2012 @ 4:25 AM by Paul Levy

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