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Yesterday morning 5 of us local ministers spent the morning with Dick Lucas. He gave us an overview of 2 Timothy. The guy is 87 and still reworking his material, it was remarkable. The benefit of just having a small group together and being able to ask questions together was a real privilege. One of the men had been a minister for 22 years in Twickenham, the rest of us were in our 30s.
Dick was in great form giving us great nuggets from 2 Timothy, here are some of my notes
''2 Timothy is about the Word - Preach it, Protect it, Adorn it, Suffer for it''
When thinking about the whole issue of being ashamed and being seduced which are constant themes in 2 Timothy 'I'm seduced by the beautiful gospel because I'm ashamed of the real gospel'
We spent a bit of time thinking through the Pauline pattern of ministry. Paul is so personal in 2 Timothy. He says it is my gospel, what you heard from me, join with me, follow me, do not be ashamed of me. In 2 Timothy Paul gives Timothy and all those to come a pattern of ministry. The danger for us is we will be ashamed of the gospel.and seduced by the gospel of the here and now.
We finished up with the 4 great imperatives of 4:5
1. Keep your head in all circumstances - which means be sober
2. Endure toughness - remember the pictures of 2 Timothy 2 - soldier, athlete, farmer
3. Do the work of evangelism - this is not complicated, 4:2 preach the Word which is the gospel.
4. Finish your ministry - same verb as Colossians 4:17, Acts 12:23
Posted February 8, 2012 @ 9:27 AM by Paul Levy

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