The Shorter Catechism's time is still here

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I've been bombarded with materials to help in learning the Shorter Catechism since my last post here

It turns out there is a whole cottage industry for singing the Catechism

Songs for Saplings
- you can get them in the UK by going to the Church Society's site

Reformed Music also have some music cd's of the catechism. 

If you've got Apps, here are two:- Westminster Seminary have an app on historic creeds and confessions and Justin Taylor pointed out this app from RTS which allows you to memorise the shorter catechism in 90 days!

For those slightly less technically literate the Shorter Catechism project is a great resource and for the more arty amongst us Matt Kirland's take as a designer is here.

David Murray also has a helpful video on memorisation
Posted January 21, 2012 @ 8:36 AM by Paul Levy

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