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Pt residential conferences aren't what they were, in the good old days of everyone having double barrelled names and pink jeans I used to feel like Oliver Twist but these days it's more representative. A class-less society and all that. Free Church Reynolds has done a good job, though I'm not convinced building lego of Carl's talk on the Trinity last night was appropriate.

At a Pt conference everyone's put in a small group where you preach a mini sermon on a book and then get crit from your peers. It's led by a minister who has preached through the book, mine is led by William Taylor who is the minister of St Helen's Bishopsgate  but who also sounds remarkably like Ronnie Corbett. I expect William will be relentless in giving me a battering on Luke 11 this morning, my only consolation is that in the words of Mt T. 'I pity the fools who are doing Judges with Trueman.'

Posted November 8, 2011 @ 3:16 AM by Paul Levy

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