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At last, somebody has had the courageous and brilliant insight that the Emerging Church conversation is just that -- an endless conversation.  You can read all about it here and even join the conversation!!  My only criticism is that the person who wrote it seems to be somebody of male persuasion, which strikes me as unnecessarily offensive and as excluding over 50% of the earth's human population.  Some tyrannies never change!!

In the meantime, inspired by the profundity of this writer's thought and sparkling prose, I want to add to the growing number of breakthrough conversations by asking your opinion on the following insights which connect to things I have noticed recently and yet which seem to have been blissfully ignored by everyone else:

The Pope is Catholic. 
Do you agree?  If so, why?

Delaware is smaller than Texas.   
Am I right as a feminist to hold to this position?  Or is there a plurality of dissonant vocalities which one can, as a woman, draw upon here as an act of (jouissance) inspired cultural resistance?

Bears relieve themselves in the woods. 
What's your opinion?   Can we still believe this and not find ourselves crippled by outmoded modernist Western epistemologies?  And does it merely perpetuate the stereotype of bears promoted by the post-Bush Fascist media?
Posted July 19, 2011 @ 7:00 AM by Rev Boadicea von Ribbentrop

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