Schizophrenics, Cambridge Students and the glorious Swans

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I have had the strangest week. On Friday I took the funeral of a very good friend who was a schizophrenic. I'm not sure whether he really was and he would always say to me he was in two minds about the diagnosis. He had many struggles in his life but the church loved him well for over 30 years. He lived with us for a time and was one of the funniest people I ever met. He had no teeth and looked very much like how you would imagine the grim reaper to look. He lived on his nerves and couldn't cope listening to one of my sermons for more than about 10 minutes (which is not unusual!). He would love to come up to visiting preachers, thank them for the message and say ''much better than the usual bloke''. He'd say it just loud enough so I could hear. Roger was one of those characters who lives on the edge of church life which every church should have, and they must be allowed access to the ministers home phone number. To take his funeral was a privilege. There were very few of us there. Only 3 of his relatives were able to make it. The rest were church folk. I'll miss him.
On Saturday I spoke at the hot house which is Cambridge University Christian Union. There must have been a couple of hundred Cambridge students all singing very eagerly and occasionally jumping. I couldn't see the drummer but I'm pretty certain it was Animal from the Muppetts. They were an eager bunch and were kind in what they said afterwards. There's something of an evangelistic frenzy to these Christian Unions where it feels like they have invited you to give them a good kick because they haven't brought their friends along. I felt exhausted just listening to the notices.
My wife is slightly concerned I'm more at home amongst schizophrenics than I am speaking at Christian unions.
Then on Monday one of the greatest days of my life; watch and enjoy. My home town Swansea City are in the Premiership. Oh happy days.
Posted June 1, 2011 @ 11:22 AM by Paul Levy

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