Crossing your fingers for the C of E

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I love Jonathan Fletcher, he's the minister of Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon,  which is one of the finest churches in London. He is one of my favourite preachers and is an all round good laugh. Plus he's come from a terribly poor working class background and had to work his way up from nothing. Anyway in this video posted on the Reform website ''Why the Church of England?''  you'll notice that you don't  see his hands move and I'm pretty sure that is because he's got his fingers crossed!
As a convinced Non Conformist I obviously don't agree with Jonathan but if you want to understand conservative English Anglican evangelicals this is a good place to start.
Also on the site is the excellent Carrie Sandom giving a great complementarian view on ''the role women in the life of the local church''
Posted April 11, 2011 @ 4:20 AM by Paul Levy

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