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....since I posted anything or anyone mentioned Lady Gaga on the ref21 page.  Thus, in the interest of smashing the default chauvinist consensus so offensively articulated by the Trinity of Evil, Trueman, Trotter, and Levy, I am back by popular demand (thanks, for writing in, mum!).    Further, in order to promote the cause and put the `wo' back on `womyn' on this page, I thought I would comment on a new fusion of orthodoxy and in-your-face female success by drawing reader's attention to the Lady Gaga Mass.  Step aside, Chrysostom and Cranmer: the days of androcentric patriarchal liturgy are done, you has-been chauvinist Fascists. To borrow a line from the Prayer of Humble Access in St. Annie of Lennox's Liturgy for the Eurythmicharist, "Sisters are doing it for themselves!"

Elsewhere on the same blog, there is a desperate description of what the blogger found at another church she visited.  Not only was there no Gaga (how, may I ask, is her absence consistent with the the inclusiveness of the Christian message?), but the content was also very depressing.  I will let her tell the story for herself:

On a separate note, I went to a more "traditional" service for Ash Wednesday down on the peninsula. Oh man, did I miss Community of Travelers. The whole thing seemed to be about "repent!" and "you're a sinner!" How refreshing to come to service tonight and see a dog running around and hear Tommy talk about hope, life, and love!

I do not think I could have outlined the problem with traditional Christianity better myself. I have the same depressing experience every time I read the Bible.  Too many men; all that weird material about judgment and sin; not a manga cartoon, an emoticon, or an all-woman creative mime co-operative in sight; and every time a cute and cuddly animal appears, it is immediately chopped into little pieces.  But that's precisely the kind of unhelpful and destructive violence you expect from an all-male priesthood, isn't it?

But, so as not to end on a sour note, let me quote the close of our Vegan Mass at `The Exploration' (formerly St. Olaf's the Sublime, Cricklewood), `May the peas of God be with you'   `And also with you'.
Posted March 21, 2011 @ 8:46 AM by Rev Boadicea von Ribbentrop

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