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Ignoring Levy's whine about his picture not being on Ref21 (hey, I've been here since the start and still no picture) I do like his idea for fundraising.  Perhaps we should have a raffle -- first prize, you can have Paul Levy preaching at your church for a Sunday; runner up prize -- you get him for a whole month. 

Joking aside, I would suggest readers may prefer to direct their end of year gifts to re:suRrect, a not-for-profit helping hard-pressed twenty (or maybe even thirty-)-somethings plant Fellowship Conversations all over the US. 

* a gift of $5 can buy a bottle of `Just for Men,' to help when that soul patch starts to show signs that, hey, you just might not be as in touch with kids as you used to be.

* a gift of $10 can buy a liter of zinfandel, absolutely de rigueur when it comes to `chilling out' after a long cool jazz praise jam.

* a gift of $20 will get a Conversation Facilitator a fauxhican haircut at Supersnips.

* a  gift of $50 can buy a pair of those heavy rimmed glasses that indicate that, hey, I' m just a whole lot more authentic than those crass people who live in the suburbs or work in offices or factories.

* a gift of $150 can pay for three graphic design lessons at the local Creative Arts Co-Operative.  As the old saying goes, `Give a man a picture, and he can decorate a church cake stand; teach him to paint, and he can build the church!'
Posted December 7, 2010 @ 10:07 AM by Rodney Trotter

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