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Mike Ovey of Oak Hill has a video good interview with Carl Trueman. From their website:

Part 1: The doctrine of scripture - Mike and Carl discuss scripture, starting with the question: "Is it still useful to describe scripture as infallible and inerrant?" The interview continues by exploring the doctrine of the inspiration of scripture, and whether the authority of scripture is enough to unite Evangelicals.

Part 2: The doctrine of justification - The interview starts with Martin Luther, and his observation that justification by grace through faith is the article of a standing or a falling church. "Why did Luther say that?" asks Mike. The interview continues by looking at the oft-repeated accusation that justification by faith undermines ethical living, and at the link between justification and the holiness of God.

Part 3: Holiness and the New Perspective on Paul - Mike Ovey begins this final section of the interview by asking, "Is it possible for us to preach the doctrine of justification by faith without preaching the holiness of God?" It continues by looking at the New Perspective on Paul, and the spiritual direction which comes out of that viewpoint, and concludes on the relationship between self-righteousness and self-rightness.

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Posted August 23, 2010 @ 8:46 PM by Justin Taylor

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