A New Idol? We're Falling Behind

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Other than the complete lack of a sneering judge with an English accent, it seems that the first series of `Imam Idol' has been a great success, at least if the BBC report is anything to go by.

So Islam has reasserted its place in the cultural avant garde for the first time since the Middle Ages.   Get with the program, guys.  Time to catch the cultural wave,. American Christianity has rested smugly on the laurels of its megaconferences, soul patches, bo-lo (sp?) ties, megaspeakers, those trendy ear-piece mike thingies, mullet haircuts, dark suits, torn jeans, Scotch drinking, and militant total abstaining (delete where denominationally appropriate) for far too long.  Time for Preacher Idol, Bible Conversation Facilitator Idol, Youth Pastor Idol.  If you're not on the train when it leaves the station, you're doomed to be left in the irrelevance of suburban Palookaville.
Posted July 30, 2010 @ 3:50 PM by Rodney Trotter

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