It's Awesome, Part II

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The Royals thundered onto the ice, taking the Cincinnati Cyclones by storm [note action verbs and puns on opponent's name].  The first period belonged to them, scoring at 3:08 and adding two more before the buzzer. 


In the second period, the Royals wandered off the reservation [slight politically incorrect metaphor--sports, the last bastion].  The cyclones slid two into the net, chipping away the Royals' lead [appropriately placed apostrophe, not always common in sports writing].


In the third period the boys got their mojo back [I do like Muddy Waters].  A fourth goal gave them a comfortable lead and the aggressive, smart playing returned.  They dominated the last ten minutes of the game, skating to a third straight win.  One more win on Saturday--the Royals play at home again at the Sovereign Center [theological allusion?]--and the Royals punch their tickets to the Kelly Cup. 



Posted May 6, 2010 @ 7:30 AM by Stephen Nichols

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