A Great PCRT in Grand Rapids

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We praise the Lord for a tremendous weekend in the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, meeting at the jam-packed Byron Center First CRC in Grand Rapids.  Saturday was one of those unforgettable PCRT days that the Lord so often provides us, a day of feasting and great spiritual joy.  Many people have commented to me that this year's theme, "These Last Days," has provided one of the best conferences in years.  We give thanks to the Lord, as well as to our dear friends Don Carson, Alistair Begg, Ligon Duncan, Joel Beeke, Cornel Venema, and David Murray for their outstanding ministry of God's Word, as well as to pastor Tom Groelsema of Byron Center First CRC and his staff.  Now on to Greenville (4/16-18) and Philadelphia (4/30-5/2)!  If you haven't registered, you are going to miss a great conference weekend!
Posted March 24, 2010 @ 6:58 PM by Rick Phillips

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