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Given all the blog furore of the last 24 hours, we at Ref21, in the interest of hearing what the ordinary man in the street thinks of Wheaton's appointment of our friend, Phil, to the top job, have sent me, Rodders, our very own roving reporter, off to London to ask Ziggy Stardust - no, not the alter ego of glamrock legend, David Bowie, but rather Driver 76583 of Martian Spider Taxis, Shoreditch -- to give us his well-thought out opinion on the matter.  Mr Stardust - or may I call you Ziggy? -- Phil Ryken: good choice or step in the wrong direction?


"Well, mate, I think it's outrageous, innit.  You only 'ave to read the blogs to see that this appointment of a member of the middle class intelligentsia to a place like Wheaton is nuffin short of an insult to the middle class intelligentsia.  'E should do what the rest of them bloggers who are 'avin' a pop at 'im for takin' this job 'ave done - follow their lead and give up 'is job like wot they've all done to allow somebody else from outside the establishment to take 'is position.   I mean, I don't want to make a fuss or nothin', but what is the world comin' to anyway when people in positions of responsibility don't listen to the intelligent comment being made by `Conversational Eco-Christian55' at nutters.nut.blog.com before they actually make the decisions what they're paid to make.  Beats me, mate.  And as to 'im bein'  allegedly homoeopathic, that's the least of 'is sins.  I 'ad that Rev Boadicea Wotserface in the back of my cab recently and she was tellin' me that he eats babies and listens to Yanni records and all that.  It's a disgrace, make no mistake, and, if you ask me, the government should do summat about it.  I mean, if I 'ad a quid for every time I 'ad been asked to be president of a liberal arts college, I'd be a......"


Well, that's all we have time for today - but thanks so much for your insight, Mr Stardust.  We look forward to hearing you on such matters again.

Posted February 21, 2010 @ 3:00 PM by Rodney Trotter

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