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Why stress the Christmas shopping?  Here are some suggestions to help . . .

For the kids: 
- The new Pilgrim's Progress, edited by C. J. Lovik and illustrated by Mike Wimmer.  This new Crossway Book is excellent in every way.  It is truly a beautiful book.  Buy it for the whole family and read it together.  Your kids will always remember it.

- John Calvin:  A Children's Story Behind the Legacy by Kerry L. Tittle.  Buy one last book to round out the Calvin 500 year and make it this one.

For her:
- Heidi L. Nichols, Anne Bradtsreet:  A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Puritan Poet, by P&R.  Yes, there's a boatload of self-interest here, but trust me, your wives will love it.  Read the poetry with her and she'll love it and you even more.

- Brandon G. Withrow, Katherine Parr:  A Guided Tour of the Life and Thought of a Reformation Queen, by P&R.  Yes, some self-interest here, too, but Parr deserves far more attention than she is given.  Her Lamentation Or Complaint of a Sinner, reproduced here, is worth the price of the book alone.

For him:
- Thomas J. Nettles, James Petigru Boyce:  A Southern Baptist Statesman, by P&R.  This is a first-class biography on a statesman-scholar-gentleman by a statesman-scholar-gentleman.  Biographies should "sing," and this one does.


Posted December 3, 2009 @ 8:48 AM by Stephen Nichols
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