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My summer reading began with the publication of Calvin's Sermons on Genesis 1-11 (trans. Rob Roy McGregor, Banner of Truth). Preached in 1559-60 they prepresent particularly important evidence of the heart of the reformer's preaching. Stunning opening sentence (so very Calvin!) and the sermon on the Lord's Day will blow away many a misconception that Geneva was just a party once the services were over.  If you're looking for consolation for something called "a Continental Sabbath" you won't find it here.

But, this is summer and temperatures in Mississippi have reached into the 90s and for something a little lighter, I have recently enjoyed reading the four volumes by Bernard Cornwell's historical fiction novels on the Viking period (The Saxon Chronicles: The Pale Horseman, The Last Kingdom, Lords of the North and Sword Song) about the antics of Uhtred of Bebbanberg. I am therefore looking forward to the another set, The Arthur Books, based on King Arthur, beginning with The Winter King. On my Kindle, I think.

After thirteen years in the USA, I still find myself culturally adrift, I am looking forward to reading Have a Nice Day by BBC correspondent Justin Webb, which claims to provide me with the key to understanding what is the essence of "an American." Can't wait.

And, since I'm on sabbatical and a Wagner Ring cycle is on the works for late August, I will delve once again into the mythology that makes this tale of socialist rebellion against the exploitation of capitalism (at least, according to George Bernard Shaw) so perennially fascinating. I'm planning to read the doorstop, Wagner and the Art of the Theatre by Patrick Carnegy.

Posted June 12, 2009 @ 8:45 PM by Derek Thomas

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