PCA General Assembly

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Many of the Ref21 bloggers are at Disneyworld where this year's PCA General Assembly is meeting,  Phil Ryken has been spied wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Sean Lucas was heard making a terrific Goofy impersonation and Ligon has not been seen; rumor has it he went to the Epcot Center and hasn't been seen since.

On my way through the Exhibit Center, I passed the Westminster Theological Seminary booth only to fins the latest WTS catalog which has Carl Trueman in high profile on the cover wearing a suit. Accommodation to reach the culture, I'm sure, but I am so impressed by this example of kenosis.  I'm told that his ordination service, and the sermon preached by Dr. Bill Barcley, can be heard ">here.

Posted June 17, 2009 @ 2:14 PM by Derek Thomas

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