Church of Scotland votes in favor of homosexual minister

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From David Meredith, Free Church of Scotland minister (Smithton/Culloden)


The news from Scotland is that the General Assembly of the Church of
Scotland have voted 326 to 267 to allow a practising homosexual to be
minister at Queen's Cross Church, Aberdeen.

The exact finding of the Assembly is as follows:

The following motion is agreed by the Assembly:

a) refuse the dissent and complaint of Aitken and others and sustain
the decision of the Presbytery of Aberdeen on the basis that the
Presbytery followed the vacancy procedure correctly in Act VIII 2003.

b) affirm for the avoidance of doubt that this decision does not alter
the Church's standards of ministerial conduct.

This is a dark day in Scottish Church history and another sad chapter
in the story of the mother church of Presbyterianism.

There is fuller press coverage here

Posted May 24, 2009 @ 8:21 AM by Derek Thomas

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