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Let me add my congratulations to Sean Lucas, and to First Presbyterian Church of Hattiesburg, MS, for his call to their pulpit.  I am always delighted when our best men go to the pulpit, because preaching is always the first need of the church.  In our series introduction to the Reformed Expository Commentary series, Phil and I said the following, which explains why, despite the loss of Sean to Covenant Theological Seminary, it is always good news when a pastor-scholar returns to the church:

"We believe that [the] interdependent tasks of biblical exposition and doctrinal reflection are best undertaken in the church, and most specifically in the pulpits of the church.  This is all the more true since the study of Scripture properly results in doxology and praxis - that is, in praise to God and practical application in the lives of believers."

Posted April 3, 2009 @ 10:19 AM by Rick Phillips

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