The Doctrine of Scripture in a Modern Age

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I am very high on the latest book by Steve Nichols, with Eric Brandt: Ancient Word, Changing Worlds.  Simply put, it is the best, clearest, and most reliable historical overview of the doctrine of Scripture for a contemporary audience. 

Nichols and Brandt are careful historians who show what the church has always believed about the Bible as the Word of God, and also how our understanding of inspiration, inerrancy, and interpretation has grown over the centuries. 

Each of the three main parts of the book includes both a historical overview and excerpts from original sources.  The authors let scholars and theologians on all sides of the battle for the Bible speak for themselves, allowing readers to see the difference between orthodox and unorthodox approaches to the Holy Bible. 

Posted March 23, 2009 @ 1:45 PM by Phil Ryken

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