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At the end of the month, March 30 and 31 to be exact, the University of Glasgow will be hosting a conference on Edwards in Scotland.  I can't believe I missed this.  Anyway, here's the schedule:

9.30-10.00  Registration (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 1: Plenary

David Bebbington, "A Historical Review of Revivals" 

11.00-11.15  Coffee (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 2: Evangelicalism and Revivalism 

David Ceri Jones, "'Sure the time here now is like New England': What happened when the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists read Jonathan Edwards?"

Chris Chun, "The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards: Eighteenth Century Catalysis for Revivals Among Presbyterians and Baptists in Scotland"

12.15-13.15  Lunch (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 3: Plenary 

Wilson Kimnach, "'Unfearing Minds': A Transatlantic Brotherhood of Preachers"


Session 4: Philosophy

Natalia Marandiuc, "Jonathan Edwards on the Relation between Human Will and Divine Grace: Intuitions Rooted in Enlightenment"

Richard Hall, "Edwards and Hume on Causation"

15.15-15.30  Coffee (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 5: Continuities and Discontinuities

Michael McClenahan, "New England's Nemesis: John Tillotson and the dismantling of Puritanism"

Caleb Maskell, "A Well Travelled Path?: History in the Transatlantic Toronto Revivals (1994-2000)"

Tuesday 31 March   

Session 6: Plenary

Andrew Walls, "Edwards and Mission" 

11.00-11.15  Coffee (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 7: Missions and Millennium

Nicholas T. Batzig, "Edwards, McLaurin and the Transatlantic Concert of Prayer"

Kelly Van Andel, "Edwards and the Politics of Language: Crafting Subjectivity on the Mission Frontier" 

12.15-13.15  Lunch (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building) 

Session 8: International Networks

Adriaan Neele (Yale), "Petrus Van Masstricht: Exchanges in Scotland, the Netherlands, and America"

H.G. Callaway, "Witherspoon, Edwards, and 'Christian Magnanimity'"

14.15-14.30 Coffee (Atrium, Wolfson Medical Building)

Session 9: Edwards and the Arts

Susan Miller, "'Beauty' is truth, truth beauty, Jonathan Edwards and John Keats"

Kyle Strobel, "'A Happifying Sight': Jonathan Edwards and the Beatific" 

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